A suitable mobile internet solution for all types of transportation

There are several types of transportation. By road, rail, water and air. In addition, we also have public transportation. Each form of transportation has its own challenges, but the common divisor is that a connectivity solution must be mobile and manageable remotely. In addition, it is important that secure VPN connections can be set up with the (head) office. Connectivity is very important for optimizing business processes and optimizing communication. In addition, it is also important that a reliable public Wi-Fi network is available to the users. An example is the WiFi network in public transportation such as the train or bus.

A suitable mobile internet solution for all types of transportation

No limits with Peplink connectivity

With Peplink routers land borders are no longer an obstacle for a stable internet connection. By using multiple SIM cards at the same time, the Peplink router automatically switches between the different providers. With Peplink's hot-failover technique you have a seamless transition between providers without any downtime. Another big advantage is Peplink's InControl2 management tool. This allows you to analyse the routes based on GPS data and to measure the internet quality on the various routes. Connectivity is an essential part and provides real-time information about the status of a transport or delivery and the complete and current status.

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