Your connectivity solution in retail

In the digital age, technology is rapidly changing the retail landscape. Whether it's enabling physical store and e-commerce integration, store security, reliable mobile payment, or staying in sync with enterprise cloud resources, a fast and agile network is key to a successful retail business. Even temporary retail locations such as pop-up stores, stands and markets can have excellent connectivity instantly with a Peplink mobile solution.

Your connectivity solution in retail

The most important marketing tool

A public Wi-Fi network in your store or wholesale store is not only an important part of the experience for your customers, you can also gain a lot of information about your target group. With Peplink's network products you can set up your own captive portal that your customers can connect to with a social login, and in this way you receive valuable demographic data from your target group and you can stay in touch with your visitors through social media. Your Wi-Fi is thus a very strong marketing tool, which in combination with InControl 2 - the Peplink service in the Cloud - allows you to gather important statistics about your customers and perform easy analyses. In addition, InControl 2 allows you to monitor your entire network environment, including WAN status, connected clients and even cellular signal strength.

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Frontier Computer Corp. BV (Frontier BV) was founded in 2002. We became Certified Peplink distributor for Europe and the UK in 2014.

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