Public Safety

Robust and secure connectivity for Public Safety Services

By delivering high speeds, ultra-low latency and unparalleled connectivity, essential communications will be improved. Through the use of a Peplink solution, this is within reach. Ensuring public safety is more important than ever. In order to help citizens as effectively as possible, it is important that security services such as the fire and police departments continue to innovate, with new technologies like VPN playing a major role. There are still unexplored opportunities in the field of mobile networks. Limited bandwidth and poor coverage of some LTE connections are the biggest causes of unreliable tools in the field, such as HD video streaming and remote access to headquarters resources. With technologies from Peplink such as SpeedFusion Bandwith Bonding and InControl2, this is now history.

Robust and secure connectivity for Public Safety Services

Connectivity you can count on

SpeedFusion uses multiple LTE connections at the same time and then combines them into one incredibly fast and reliable connection with the widest possible range. This prevents signal loss and increases your bandwidth so that, for example, streaming HD videos can be possible. The built-in failover system allows data traffic to be automatically diverted to commercial LTE connections if a connection fails. In addition, the SpeedFusion application can seamlessly switch between wireless WAN, 4G/5G and satellite connections, with Software-Defined WAN always selecting the best connectivity option.

An internet connection that could save lives

The importance of a mobile Internet connection is paramount for police, fire departments, ambulances and other public safety agencies. Remote locations and vehicles can be easily connected to local and protected networks. This enables the design of solutions that are impossible to implement and manage for others. A unique and reliable network without compromise. 

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