M2M and IoT

Your connectivity solution for M2M and IoT

Connectivity has become a very important part of our lives in recent years, and many people are also aware of this. Everything is connected to each other via millions of connected sensors and smart devices in our homes, offices and cities. We call this “the Internet of Things”. IoT developments are the most significant breakthrough in the history of the technology industry. But at the moment, networks cannot meet the agility and flexibility needed to carry the workload of IoT, and even if this is possible, the costs are too high. Software-Defined WAN offers the solution to gain insight into your network environment, and to be able to subsequently respond to the network problems you are encountering.

Your connectivity solution for M2M and IoT

The ideal connection for your iot application, even from a distance

With the networking products of Peplink you can set up a network environment in every situation, where you can connect multiple connections at the same time which are all part of the same network. All these connections can be monitored remotely and managed in one interface, with InControl 2 -: the Peplink service in the Cloud that allows you to view and adjust every part of your network.

Peplink SpeedFusion

In addition, you can use Peplink SpeedFusion technology, an application that automatically sends all your data traffic over the fastest, most secure connection. The system administrator can adjust whether traffic is sent through the fastest and cheapest connection or through the most reliable connection; with SpeedFusion you are always connected. SpeedFusion tracks your traffic at all times, and when a connection loses bandwidth or packet, your traffic is redirected to another connection within a microsecond. Thus, Peplink provides the ideal connection for your IoT application, even remotely.

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