Your connectivity solution in the hospitality industry

In today's digital age, being connected at all times and in all places is of great importance. This also applies to social places, such as your hotel or terrace. Therefore, as a hospitality entrepreneur, you are almost obligated to provide your guests with a good Internet connection. Internet connections are also used for the cash register system, the pin machines and for taking orders. However, many hospitality businesses still rely on a single internet provider, which means the chance of outages and downtime is very high. This is a major inconvenience for many guests, while you can actually achieve many benefits with the right network environment. Peplink offers the solution to this problem.

Your connectivity solution in the hospitality industry

Better customer experience with a Peplink solution

First of all, Peplink's routers are the solution to your connectivity problems. By using multiple internet connections at the same time, with constant checks on the operation of each connection, you can prevent malfunctions in your connection. When a failure is detected in a connection, your data traffic is automatically forwarded to another available connection, guaranteeing continuous internet uptime. With this transparent failover system, your guests always have reliable Internet access. It is also possible to give certain applications priority over your best internet connections, such as VPN, VoIP/SIP and streaming audio and video, while email and other less important data traffic can be sent via cheaper cable and DSL connections. This way your employees always use the most appropriate Internet connections and your guests are provided with a quality connection at the same time. 

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Frontier Computer Corp. BV (Frontier BV) was founded in 2002. We became Certified Peplink distributor for Europe and the UK in 2014.

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