Your connectivity solution in education

eLearning is the standard today. It has been scientifically proven that the integration of eLearning in educational institutions has many advantages for the development of students. Nevertheless, many difficulties arise that make the implementation of eLearning hard, including the limited availability of internet connections at high speed, a limited budget, unstable internet connections that are very susceptible to interference, insufficient bandwidth and a network that is too poor to connect hundreds of students. But with their unique networking solutions, Peplink addresses each of these challenges.

Your connectivity solution in education

A better connection for better education

Peplink's network products make it possible to establish a fast, secure and reliable Internet connection that makes eLearning possible for every student. By using multiple cost-effective connections simultaneously, you experience a high-quality Internet connection while your connectivity costs remain low. You can add bandwidth at any time and use load-balancing for multiple Internet connections. The automatic failover system creates an unbreakable connection.


In addition, MediaFast technology is built into every Peplink Balance series router. With MediaFast, you only need to download content once and then store it in your cache. The Pepwave Access Points, which can support more than fifty connections simultaneously, provide Wi-Fi coverage for the entire campus. Set up the ideal network environment for better education and keep full control with InControl 2, the monitoring and management portal in the Cloud!

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Frontier Computer Corp. BV (Frontier BV) was founded in 2002. We became Certified Peplink distributor for Europe and the UK in 2014.

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