Your internet solution in rural areas

Also in the agricultural sector, digitalization has taken an important role in the work process. In many situations, an appropriate internet solution in a rural area is necessary. There is an increase in developments in terms of drones, software, satellite images and milking robots that are intended to make agricultural operations more efficient. In addition, IoT is also growing in this sector. IoT sensors can take a lot of work off people's hands and support them in decision making, making work more efficient, saving costs and increasing production. For example, all the data from the field can be converted into practical advice on, for example, the use of seeds and fertilizers or other applications. However, all these new developments involve large flows of data, and this presents many challenges. The developments are in fact enormously advanced, but for this a suitable connectivity solution is important. Frontier from Nijmegen offers the right technical knowledge to apply an internet solution in the rural area.

Your internet solution in rural areas

The ideal internet solution in every rural area

Most agribusinesses are located in remote areas, where the internet connection is extremely slow or even unusable. This makes it almost impossible to send and receive data, making the latest innovations difficult to implement. Business operations are also inefficient for this reason. Therefore, a good internet solution in the rural area is essential for the future of agriculture. Together with our resellers, we make it possible to set up an affordable and fast internet connection, even in remote areas. Instead of a slow, fixed internet line, Peplink's network products make it possible to set up a fast 4G/5G connection, for example. In combination with Peplink's antennas, this speed can be increased drastically. This is how we deliver the ideal internet solution for your company, even in the countryside!

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