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How Frontier BV engages Partners

Since 2014, hundreds of organizations have already chosen to work with us and deploy Peplink solution to improve their customers' connectivity performance. Discover the benefits of deploying Peplink solutions and team up with Frontier BV. 

“It's been 7 years since we started using Peplink. We are impressed by their commitment to innovation. When Peplink announced the MediaFast content caching technology, we knew it would have a major impact on maritime or mobile internet. Peplink MediaFast will pay for itself within a few months!”

Hans Dominicus - BSS ICT Groep

“Nowadays, the first thing a passenger asks during embarkation is whether there is Wi-Fi. With Peplink APs, we were able to ensure a fast and reliable connection for all our customers.”

Luke Biancheria - Systeembeheerder, Toremar

“When I saw functionalities of Peplink I was immediately sold. I found out that the possibilities were endless to really control the connection on board without the need for a network operator (they are often slow and inefficient). This allowed us to provide instant support but more importantly; we were in control of the connection. Frontier understands that we are in a round the clock business in that respect. The team is quick to respond and provide the right support so that a project is delivered quickly and any problem is solved in no time."

Raymon Lubbers – CEO & Founder, Offshore Connectivity Partners (OCP) BV

“InControl 2 was very useful to keep everything under control. The easy monitoring of data traffic and the real-time location of the fleet has made a world of difference for us as an operator.”

Francesco Savari - Systeembeheerder, Toremar

“With the use of Peplink hardware and by working together with Peplink and Frontier BV, IBSCY has ensured a stable and reliable internet connection throughout Multimarine's area of operation.”

Employee of Multimarine

“A connection is only as strong as its weakest link. Peplink offers a reduction in network failures at a competitive price. During the successful launch of Sigfox for Internet of Things (IoT) in the Netherlands, Peplink has been extremely important.”

Nicholas van Hoey Smith - CEO, Aerea - Sigfox-operator in Nederland

Frontier BV contributes to the joint success by providing expertise in the field of Peplink hardware and software. In addition, the sales and technical team think along with the establishment of a network and the associated Peplink solutions. What makes our collaboration unique is the fact that we both have a deep passion for providing our customers with the truly right solution and this contributes to our joint success. By exchanging ideas, knowledge and developing new use cases we ensure that our cooperation is future proof. Frontier BV is for AEC Skyline the fixed partner when it comes to Wide Area Network communication.”

Patrick de Jong – Operations Manager, AEC Skyline

"Peplink helped us to create a reliable connection while keeping costs under control. For managing many users and locations Peplink proved to be a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution."

Michael Golias - IT Director, Mytilineos Group

“As our partnership developed, it was an organic transition to work together successfully, especially when we obtained our Peplink Certified Engineer and Peplink Certified Sales Specialist Certificates. Frontier gave us their valued support and coaching to achieve this. In addition, Frontier offers great technical support, the company has fantastic product knowledge, responds very quickly to our questions and ensures a fast turnaround time of orders."

e3 Systems

Partner highlight

Frontier BV finds it important to support partners in their objectives and we are happy to share the great solutions that are realized with Peplink products and technologies. In our Peplink Partner Highlight we give Partners a well-deserved platform.

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Frontier Computer Corp. BV (Frontier BV) was founded in 2002. We became Certified Peplink distributor for Europe and the UK in 2014.

We deliver personalized services and reliable hardware. We push boundaries to differentiate in quality, we create connections to the world around us, and we discover every new possibility in connectivity.