How to Peplink: Get to know the Peplink Balance 20X

''Effortlessly connect and secure your network with the Peplink Balance 20X Multi-WAN router''

Introduction Balance 20X

The Peplink Balance 20X, a powerful and versatile Multi-WAN router designed for business and organisations that rely on high-speed internet connectivity with great price/performance. The router is compact and fanless, which makes it quiet and easy to install in a variety of locations.

The Balance 20X has a WAN port and an embedded cellular modem which allows load balancing and hot failover. This ensures that your network remains online even if one of the connections goes down. In addition, the router supports up to 2 PepVPN tunnels and with an extra license 5 PepVPN tunnels. Making it easy to connect to other networks or remote workers.

It supports a variety of VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Supporting up to 16 VLANs, the Balance 20X is a great choice for businesses that need to segment their network for security or compliance reasons. The router has Gigabit Ethernet ports for faster data transfer and an integrated 3G/4G cellular modem for failover. And the USB WAN port allows you to use any other WAN failover option in case your primary connection goes down.

The FlexModule Mini allows the router to be customised according to the needs of where it is deployed. This gives the router unprecedented versatility. You can upgrade the Balance 20X with a 5G module to increase cellular performance and the failover capabilities or upgrade with a LoRaWAN module for IoT applications.

When to use the Balance 20X?

When to use the Balance 20X?

The Peplink Balance 20X router is a versatile device that can be used in a variety of situations. Some common examples include:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses: The router can be used to provide internet connectivity for a small office or retail location and can be configured to prioritise different types of traffic to ensure that mission-critical applications receive the bandwidth they need. With up to 60 users, Wave2 Wi-Fi and 1 Gbps throughput it delivers everything needed to keep your business connected.
  • Branch offices and retail locations: The router can be used to connect a branch office to the main corporate network and can be configured to provide a secure VPN connection to the main office. In addition, you add cellular backup with the Flex Module mini and redundant SIM cards. Ensuring that there will always be a usable connection and your business activities such as pin transactions and working in the cloud will never be interrupted.

These are just a few examples, the Balance 20X router is a Multi-WAN router which is able to connect to multiple internet connections and load balance in between them. This makes it a great option for many different types of networks and use case in small to medium businesses, branches, and retail locations.

Now that we've explained what Peplink's Balance 20X is all about, we hope you'll understand this great product better. Should you need more information about this router, please check the links in the description.