How to Peplink: Boost Your Network Management with Peplink's InTouch

''Simplifying remote network management with Peplink's InTouch: a step-by-step guide''

InTouch Explained

InTouch is an easy way to reach any device (connected to your network) that you need to view, configure, or troubleshoot remotely. InTouch eliminates the need for Engineers, VPNs, Servers, or extra software typically needed to manage your devices. Without compromising your network security. InTouch never required Public IPs, inbound access through firewalls, or any other security compromises.

InTouch is based on the need to simplifying your network set-up. You can use it without building separate networks or adding circuits dedicated to OOBM, InTouch integratess everything onto one platform for seamless connectivity. Use just one login to gain access to all remote devicess behind your router - IP devise, remote desktops, remote protocols for servers, and more.

To enable InTouch, you will need a device with an active InControl 2 license and SpeedFusion Cloud plan. Using the IP-based InTouch will require data usage, which will be deducted from the device's SpeedFusion Cloud data quota.

What devices can you use InTouch for?

What devices can you use InTouch for?

Peplink's InTouch is especially interesting for industries that are reliant on a lot of different devices for their business activities. But there is no limitation in what devices you can use InTouch for. For example: Meters, Sensors, Alarms, Cameras, POS Terminals, Location Systems, and even your Wi-Fi devices and switches. Everything is manageable from one portal, making your network more easy to manage.

How to configure InTouch?

It's easy to set-up and use InTouch. We show you the steps to activate it and how you set your profile up correctly.

Step 1: Go to InControl 2 website (
2: Log in met jouw Peplink ID.
3: Ga naar device Level pagina, je kunt InTouch gebruiken vanaf Firmware 8.2.0 en hoger.
4: Ga naar ”Instellingen” en selecteer ”InTouch”.
5: Klik ”Add” om een nieuwe instelling toe te voegen.
6: Voer de apparaatnaam, URL op LAN adres van jouw specifieke apparaat in. Je kunt ook een groepsnaam als tag gebruiken voor een beter beheer.
7: Klik ”OK” en ”Wijzigingen opslaan” en klik dan op de afspeelknop onder ”Actie” om de InTouch set-up uit te voeren.

Now InTouch is trying to connect to the device via the network.

And there it is: InTouch is correctly set up. You will be directed to the LAN device's page. Now you can remotely manage, configure and monitor any device that is connected to your enterprise network.

How to configure InTouch?
Out-of-Band management

Out-of-Band management

So, InTouch could also be used as a tool to access other Peplink devices, like this HD1 Dome. Because this doesn't have a WAN port, so if there is anything wrong with the cellular WAN, we need to access that remotely. So, we will show you how that works via InControl and InTouch. So, this also works with IP phones or any other IT device with a web interface. In the HD1 Dome case, we have an issue with the cellular WAN and because we have this SDX Pro in InControl, we have the option to enable the LAN port back from a WAN port in the web interface and add the HD1 Dome to the InTouch device list.


Using InControl 2 with InTouch gives you even more power over your network and allows you to make better decisions managing the enterprise network. Simplifying network device management without compromising your security and let you focus on how to use your network to achieve business goals without having to worry about many different management portals.

Nu we Peplinks InTouch hebben uitgelegd, hopen we dat je een beter begrip hebt van deze geweldige software. Als je meer informatie nodig hebt, dan kun je op onderstaande button klikken.