Case study: Peplink transforms Enigma XK's IT Infrastructure

Enigma XK, previously used to protect the fishing grounds off Scotland, was redesigned in 2010 as a 71.4m luxury expedition yacht. The yacht's IT infrastructure was a stack of routers and L3/L2 switches, resulting in hours of maintenance to troubleshoot issues and unexpected slowness.



The multiple installations and upgrades by successive integrators over the years resulted in connected systems being installed on-board as add-ons to existing LAN, leading to a complex IT infrastructure. This led to maintenance issues and slow connectivity, making it difficult to meet the client's expectations.


SeaSatCom, a Peplink certified partner, proposed to meet the client's expectations using Peplink's infrastructure on board the Enigma XK. SeaSatCom used Peplink's InControl to enable a shore-based IT support service with the support of Frontier BV. The cloud-based management and monitoring solution allowed SeaSatCom's Support Operation Center (SOC) to meet the client's expectations as per the agreed SLA.

The certified engineers of SeaSatCom delivered an integrated LAN to support all of the connected systems (IT/AV/CCTV/LIGHTS/HVAC and TELEMEDICINE) on board the yacht. The crew could monitor bandwidth, control traffic, and manage WAN costs (VSAT and 4G).



The installation was performed remotely by the Support Operation Center (SOC) via InControl 2 features since the Enigma XK was located in Cape Town (ZA). The crew had minimal headaches as they only had to patch the cables on switch ports as instructed in SeaSatCom's ''Network Installation and Commissioning'' guide. Multiple AV and IT connected systems on board the vessel were easily integrated after a full analysis of the existing data flows without having to speed hours modifying device parameters.

Frontier BV provided the best technical support to fulfil their needs, and the well-documented infrastructure is now fully managed and monitored by Peplink certified engineers through the SeaSatcare solution. As a result, the solution was successfully installed thanks to our and SeaSatCom's efforts.



  • Automatic Failover 4G LTE Single Cellular Mobile Router

SD Switch Rugged | 24 Port

  • PoE enabled switch with 24 Gigabit ports & SFP ports for industrial environments

AP One AC Mini

  • World's Smallest 11ac Wave 2 AP

Balance 580

  • Link aggregation and load balancing across 5 WAN connections

InControl 2 -

  • Cloud-Based Endpoint Management System